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Hosted PBX

Project Description

AITech Voice services are revolutionizing the way businesses communicate. Advanced features combined with our reliable managed network, best-of-breed customer support, and voice-optimized technology help you get more from your business telephone system.

Our network operation center monitors jitter, latency and packet loss. Proactive monitoring works even on non-AITech bandwidth, such as cable or DSL connections. 

There is no longer a large capex commitment to take advantage of IP services.  Our new pricing plans virtually eliminate start-up costs.


Hosted PBX Benefits


One of the primary benefits of choosing AiTech Hosted PBX is flexibility. Nothing matches Hosted
PBX for companies with multiple locations, remote workers or work from home employees.

Secure & Reliable

Carrier-class equipment with backup power systems and secure co-lo facilities, AiTech offers outstanding reliability for your company’s mission-critical communications. You can purchase the latest and greatest features but they will do your company no good if they do not perform as they should.

Simplify Management

Because there is no equipment to maintain and support, and since AiTech provides full
support from your desktop to your final calling destination, you can rest assured that you’ve
simplified at least one area of your business.

Lower Costs

AiTech Hosted PBX is prices so any size of business can afford the same phone system features as larger business. As a managed service, there are no expensive maintenance costs. Moves, adds and changes are easily accomplished through an administrator interface or a quick phone call to AiTech customer support. Plus you never need to upgrade your software or repair expensive and sometimes-finicky premise based PBX equipment.

Easy to Learn and Use

What good are advanced calling features if they are buried behind cryptic commands like “*45”
on your phone’s keypad? AiTech’s advanced features are accessible, intuitive, and easier to use
through a “point and click” web interface.

Unite all your workers, regardless of their physical location

All employees can access the full features of your phone system whether in satellite offices or
home offices, anywhere, any time. Save money with free on-net calling. All calls between your
AiTech connected offices and remote workers are free.

Have a big business image

High quality automation functionality projects to your callers that you have
invested in providing a high level of service to customer who contact your
business by phone. The ability to connect multiple branch offices with one phone
system means you can use your human resources more effectivley to handle more
of your calls live. Extension dialing between offices is easy and included at
no charge with AiTech Hosted PBX service.

Hosted PBX Features

Simultaneous Ring

One number rings all your phones. You’ll never miss a call again….unless you want to.

MS Outlook & Internet Explorer Toolbar

Integrate with MS Outlook and Internet Explorer to easily access AiTech Hosted PBX features.

Disaster Recovery

Redirect calls to another location in the event of a disaster. Perfect for snow days or other
weather related events!

Custom Ringback Tones

Play a favorite song or a marketing message to those calling you in place of traditional ringing.

Call Control

You have control of your incoming calls. Easily setup rules to automatically send certain calls to
voice mail while sending other calls to your cell phone. Add a schedule so calls follow specific
rules only during the business day or only after hours.

Call Notification Screen Pop

Screen pop in the lower corner of your screen tells you who is calling.
If you decide not to answer, you can send the call to voicemail or even block callers so they
can’t call again…all from your desktop.


Return voicemail calls, place calls from a web page or from MS Outlook with the click of a mouse.

Receptionist Console

Simple to use attendant console allows easy screening of calls and and one-step delivery of calls
to messaging center when people are unavailable.

Push to Talk

Perfect intercom tool for immediate communication between an executive and assistant or between

Remote Office

Turn any phone into your office phone. This features allows you to make calls from remote locations
and present the caller ID of your office. Calls bill to your office and the people you are calling don’t
know if you are at your desk, across town or across the ocean.

Call Swap

Change phones in the middle of a call. Your caller won’t hear you switch. Move your call to your cell phone as you leave the office. Move the call from your cell phone to your desk phone when you get to the office.

Desktop Integration

The AiTech Telephony Toolbar increases productivity by integrating with Microsoft Outlook®, Internet Explorer® and Mozilla Firefox®. AiTech Telephony Toolbar users can click to call from your browser or Outlook, enable/configure common features from your desktop, and much more.

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